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Providing a solution to high unemployment rates amongst females, by creating meaningful jobs that integrate rural communities into the folds of the Saudi economy

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"We produced the most iconic abaya with the embroidery of the word LOVE on it! This will always be something special and is an ongoing product that we hope to keep always at Nasiba Hafiz. My experience has always and remains dear to my heart as my ideas are always executed in the easiest and most efficient way. I would describe Namat as professional, loyal and friendly."


"We produced T-shirts for our event production team with Namat. I would describe Namat as fast. We found Namat to be a highly professional company that we can rely on for our clothing branding."


"We produced therapists' lab coats with Namat. In one word, I would describe Namat as perfect! The experience was easy and the items were well produced."