About Namat

About Namat

Namat is a non-profit enterprise, specialized in producing garments for greater social good. Founded by Nesma as a strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Namat operates a network of tailoring centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the aim of integrating rural communities into the folds of the Saudi economy. Each center operated by Namat is sponsored by a private sector partner to empower local communities, by creating jobs for women.


Namat’s products and services cater for small and large businesses, including the production of designer collections, as well as a broad spectrum of uniforms for students, staff and workers. By collaborating with Namat, businesses are enabled to make ethical production choices, receiving locally manufactured high-quality, customizable and functional garments.

Aligned with the goals of Vision 2030, Namat is focused on increasing employment opportunities for women and promoting social development across the Kingdom, contributing to economic prosperity and overall social livelihood.

Our Vision

To integrate Saudi villages into the national economy.


We seek to create sustainable production centers in Saudi villages, to create employment opportunities and ensure financial inclusion for women, through the manufacturing of high quality garments for small and large businesses.


At Namat, we are governed by the organizational values of our founding company, Nesma.

Excellence: we strive to perform and deliver to the highest standards, in everything we do.

Innovation: we embrace creativity and pioneer new solutions across our business, internally and externally.

Diversity: we celebrate a range of backgrounds and capabilities in our people and in our investments, to make us stronger and to serve our customers better.

Respect: we treat everyone with integrity, show appreciation, are open and honest.

Impact: we generate positive contributions for the benefit of business, society and the environment.

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The History of Namat

Here is the history of Namat, since its founding in 2009