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Products and Services


Namat offers locally manufactured high-quality, customizable and functional garments, based on international standards of excellence.

The array of products and services fulfill the requirements of small and large businesses, and the centers are fully-equipped to produce designer collections as well as a broad spectrum of uniforms and attire for students, staff and workers.

By collaborating with Namat, businesses are enabled to make ethical production choices and contribute to integrating rural areas into the economic cycle.

Why produce with Namat?

In Our Words

Collaborating with Namat means supporting the local Saudi manufacturing industry, where businesses can contribute to the social and economic livelihood of rural communities across the Kingdom. By producing unique collections at Namat and manufacturing dignified and unique uniforms for teams, businesses:

  • Receive high-quality, functional garments
  • Support 100% local Saudi Arabian manufacturing
  • Ensure customizable collections are created, catered to their unique needs

Our commitment to regulating and enhancing local manufacturing, entails that:

  • Manufacturing processes are based on lean management, continuous improvement, and zero waste principles.
  • We work directly with suppliers to ensure products and raw materials are ethically sourced, contributing towards environmental sustainability.
  • price conscious approach is adopted, while maintaining high-quality production practices.
  • Brand equity, for businesses and designers is enhanced due to ethical production practices, based on international standards. End users will ultimately take pride in wearing locally produced garments by Namat, and be part of a feel good movement.