Stories From Namat

Azza Almalki

Disability: Hearing impaired

Date of joining: 2009 (Jeddah Center)

My story

“I started working at Namat as a machine operator in the embroidery department. My family only allowed me to work at Namat, due to the female-led operations at the Center. I was then promoted in 2011, to serve as a designer at the Jeddah center. Later in 2013, with the second center opening in Khulais, I was empowered to take on a new role as an embroidery supervisor assistant in the embroidery department. In 2016, I became an embroidery trainer, a position in the operation structure that ranks right before operation manager. To me, this was a proud moment in my career.”

What Namat means to AzzaI found a place that makes me feel appreciated, valued and respected.

Manal Alallawi 

Disability: Hearing impaired, with a weakness in one eye

Date of joining: 2012 (Jeddah Center)

My story:

I came to the Center with my mother, who was searching for a place for me to be useful and productive in life. I was willing to take on any role. This for me, was a turning point in my life.

I started in the finishing department, responsible only for packaging the orders. After nearly 6 months, the Namat team realized that I had more to give, and had greater potential, and additional responsibilities were added to my role. Soon thereafter, I was ready to cover for one of my colleagues, handling all the finishing tasks including the hardest one – preparing uniform embroidery production within the allocated frame.

Despite my physical disabilities that impact both my hearing and sight (which I never allowed to set me back), I find that I can work with great accuracy, and have been commended for my detailed-oriented technical touch. And so, by 2015, the production manager recognized this, and started depending on me to handle the most difficult embroidery frame, preparing garments for the embroidery stage. Over the last two years, I have been responsible to train the technical college students on this skill. 

How Namat changed Manal’s life...I found my purpose. My mother supported me to be the best of her ability, to be able to lead a normal life. I now have an independent source of income, while living in my stepfather’s house. This helps me cover my personal expenses and medical treatment.

Rana Almowallad

Date of joining: 2013 (Khulais \ Thual Center)

My story:

"I joined the Khulais center in 2013, where I was part of the first training program, sponsored by the center’s social partner, Aljazeera Bank. Since joining, I have been driven by passion, and found confidence in my sewing skills. I consider myself a fast learner, and was continually ready to volunteer to learn new steps from the specialist cutting and the sewing supervisor, and transfer those skills to my colleagues.

Within two years and after taking part in the Turkish team technical training in 2015, I believe my professional and technical skills have greatly improved. This is evident in the fact that I am often consulted on technical matters. In 2018, I requested to be moved to the Thuwal Center. At the Thuwal Center, I assisted in the hiring process of tailoring employees, and supported the Turkish technical trainer in delivering the trainings."

What Namat means to RanaI was able to excel in an area that I am passionate about, and build solid friendships with all members from the community, in the different Centers.