Join Namat

Join Namat

We invite you to be part of Namat’s nationwide pattern, to contribute to sustainable economic and social livelihood across the Kingdom.

Produce with Namat

Produce with Namat


Namat produces customized collections for small and large businesses, covering a broad spectrum of uniforms for students, staff and workers. Namat also produces designer collections. By choosing to manufacture and tailor with Namat, businesses are enabled to make ethical production choices, receiving locally manufactured high-quality, customizable and functional garments. 

Businesses, designers and end users can be part of a nationwide feel good movement, due to the practices and processes that Namat’s centers adhere to. Our commitment at Namat includes:

  • Manufacturing processes are based on lean management, continuous improvement, and zero waste principles.
  • Working directly with suppliers to ensure products and raw materials are ethically sourced, contributing towards environmental sustainability.
  • Adopting a price conscious approach, while maintaining high-quality production practices.
  • Building brand equity for businesses and designers, based on ethical production practices and international standards. End users will ultimately take pride in wearing locally produced garments by Namat, and be part of a feel good movement.

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Sponsor a Center


By sponsoring a center, businesses are enabled to spread their social impact across the Kingdom, contributing to greater economic prosperity. Each center allows for rural communities to integrate into the folds of the Saudi economy, achieving greater financial inclusion.

Partners are guided through the process to set up a center by the Namat team. Partners fully own the center and employ its workers, while Namat operates it.

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Get Certified by Namat


For sustainable patterns to be replicated across the Kingdom, we strongly believe in the importance of collaboration. At Namat, based on years of solid experience in tailoring, production processes, lean management principles and employee engagement practices, we are committed to lend our expertise to businesses in similar fields. We believe that formal businesses that are committed to ethical and decent working conditions are the only acceptable form of employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A Namat certification is a stamp of lean, ethical, and quality operations.

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Apply to Work at Namat


At Namat, we build centers in rural areas, creating opportunities for women who are eager to work to be part of stimulating the Saudi economy. Each center has been designed for females who seek to enhance their lives professionally and personally.

Namat is focused on female inclusion. The carefully designed centers welcome females from different socioeconomic backgrounds, and those with disabilities.

Join Namat to learn new skills in tailoring and embroidering, take charge of your career and flourish, both in the workplace and at home.

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